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So there you have it. That's why you are used gaames seeing it in violent sex games, but generally can't find it in games. It's not a matter of acceptance. Some may go for unique style, some will invent new mechanics, some will even create new sub-genres. There are many choices for consumers and many opportunities for both big and small studios.

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Finally, too many people in some countries viviansex just uncomfortable about any sort of eroticism! The Witcher 3 has no lack of violent sex games scenes in it. However, this game utilizes it to create a personality for Geralt. Long story short, Geralt is incapable of having children or catching diseases, and the scene is in medieval Poland. You can imagine what violent sex games male in this situation would do next. The Witcher 3 is generally an anomaly. I've gotten comments about women appreciating sex in video games.

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