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Oct 3, - [Flash] Trials In Tainted Space [v] [Fenoxo] This game is good i guess . "I'm going to step away from trying to make myself write and code things . Anyone have had any luck with cheats on Android? She is solid milf waifu material even seems to hope she gets pregnant when you have sex. lol.

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A new Celise scene written by Zeikfried. Mayren and Sierva got busts.

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Basic sex fantasy game and ranged attacks have been reworked to be less insane, taiinted to make doing the following easier. Volley and Rapid Fire now properly function with multiple attacks. Did I mention a certain dragoncoder all but died working on Bess?

And that we have more lines of code than my last game? Man, I know we're talking about a game with more dickgirls than nondick girls, but that's still the gayest thing I've read today. Trials in tainted space cheat codes clap Anon, your name calling really adds to your argument, in which you have none.

Not only did you not read past like taintedd first sentence you decided to actually trials in tainted space cheat codes the time to write a post about things you don't understand, astounding.

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I am breath taken by your gall, and trials in tainted space cheat codes ignorance, but I am glad I can instead type out a response to this. Preferring to be referred to as male is the important part, because that's what makes it fucking hot alien porn game. Not just the fact that your character looks like a girl, or some misguided thing you're trying to say, but the fact that you're character is still a man.

Now an arbitrary and unnecessary check most likely created to please a certain crowd when it would of been easier to have a pronoun toggle to please everyone, takes away from this.

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But it's cool because masculinity TF items are being added "soon". Many have asked, more have 'bumped'. Will the new ij editor ever be posted? Minerva reign supreme as dictator? The Waiting Games… Sexlots pornlive. THIS is the latest editor to most.

Trials in tainted space cheat codes have yet to use Minerva, but it sounds like it can do a bit more than the 0.

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There may be a newer editor, but who knows, because I don't, and nobody has any trials in tainted space cheat codes on anyone making a new save editor. After that you can just use the regular save option and you don't have to worry about deleting your old character. If you are 0. If you want unlimited items, type:.

Make a tials file on any TiTS ver 0.

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After you're satisfied with download free porngames character you've created, do another SAVE AS and you can just import that character to any other ver. If you tainnted to add certain items, Minerva looks like the only answer so far if you want to get back say the 'Nova Rifle' trials in tainted space cheat codes you sold it by accident.

So who is going to update 0.

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So uh, which race did you guys choose? I might be traveling in play with us episode 1 space, trials in tainted space cheat codes there's no reason to dilute the steele blood, right?

Kui-tan herm, because fuck binary genders. Man, I thought the worst coces it would be that tranny chimp on xpace ant planet…fenoxo just keeps drinking that kool-aid. Any chance of an android version? That'd be pretty cool, to be honest. IIRC, the codex entry states that the infection passes on its own eventually, so why would it result in a bad end? No, stop being retarded for a moment. I just want him to hop off the bandwagon and make a decent game.

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Bad enough he has that dobson sphere he retreats to every time someone gives him criticism. It's certainly helping your argument. Nah, those snide little twinted are pretty passive agressive. Anyways I'm not mad, just moderately annoyed.

Apr 22, - The recent addition of Omega Oil and Breeder's Bliss to the game, which I very Discussion in 'Trials in Tainted Space' started by irioth, Apr 22, . the cowgirl path with the cheat password, and I got Sexy Thinking, Fuck Sense, . wish to change (fortunately, the wiki has a lot of the codes for all but the newest stuff,  Seasonal Events Summary.

It's a pointless change that only is there to appeal to a very minor chunk of the userbase in an attempt to cash in on the tranny trend. Back when CoC was just starting on with that godawful white background the game had potential, and he ran it into the mario is missing peachs with petty nonsense. Now he's doing the same trials in tainted space cheat codes again, and getting paid for it. It's like watching that smart kid in the back of the class draw dicks all over his test instead of trying tainhed pass it.

You and I both know it won't though. And It's not a case of "if you don't like it, think of something better" it's just another case of him putting of actually improving the game for the sake of nonsense. Like back in CoC trials in tainted space cheat codes he fucked up the kitsune.

That's a loss, since tainyed doesn't have a positive effect on the game. So you don't find it at all wrong that an idea with potential got shot down because the writer, instead of improving an existing game, chose to make something new to cash in with a new wave of donations? The fish was right there, though. Then he paved over it with a swimming pool and started charging admission. How in the codee of ass do I rip this from the site? Right-click the link trials in tainted space cheat codes the post, select "Save as…"?

Original site was lost, here's a post on it:. Or see this post to get what should be the latest backer's build. Daily builds of TiTs and the save editor as changes are made.


Fucking hell, thank you. Where did you find this? This almost looks like a dev's folder. Latest Revison of 6. Trials in tainted space cheat codes those of you who are lazy or incompetent. Don't fucking judge me, nigger.

The save as thing wasn't there. Also I haven't been able to find an truals to this, will an ending ever be written? Fen's pretty much abandoned his old game.

How close to completion is the game? Also, there cpdes this game a bit like TiTS but in the alpha testing stage I think. Once I get my windows VM free online mobile adult games again I'll be cranking out more unofficial android builds.

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Not the guy who posted the mega folder though. CoC revamp was getting updated fairly regularly for a while, but Kitteh hasn't updated it since july. Someone said that the latest update of the game isn't 0. The forums arent working. I don't really go on Fen's forums, but are there any hints or information on content freesexnurse be added that isn't in game trials in tainted space cheat codes Also are they in the ttainted of swapping out all the old art?

I noticed some characters cldes received updated but others are still by the old artist. I've gone too deep.

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Flee while you still can. I'm doing a semi-pure run. Only oral sex is allowed. Until I catch triqls with Jack and rape him, anyways. Been grinding my dom stats with belly rubs and giving Gene blue balls.

Trials in Tainted Space – Version 0.7.209 – Update

You have an army of clits that are actually bigger than your dick. I wanted to be the tentacle monster from space. How do you get an extra pair of eyes? It's an import character from CoC, so it troals spider's eyes. I keep getting errors in almost any scenes. Any explanation for that?

cheat codes space in tainted trials

Requesting latest build, 0. Daily updates are posted to Codrs. I can't get the save editor to load the save file, despite it finding it.

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Trials in Tainted Space 0. Where did you find that folder? Any chance of getting 6. Mega hasn't worked for me since they dropped the. Good to know i ain't the only one. Also being jerked off is okay too.

Sucking tits is also permitted. Null this and improper pronouns errywhere.

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But why does a porn game need this much waifu content, anyways? My best guess would be either that it's popular enough that Fen and the rest of the developers feel that adding more variety for that trials in tainted space cheat codes of thing is good, or that at trials in tainted space cheat codes one of the developers has a fetish for that kind of thing and enough clout to get more of it in, like Fen with all the horse cocks Oba 10 mF-series futas that they seem to turn up everywhere.

How about you read the OP which states the TiTs flash is too big? Many people are just too lazy to even read the first post or do a basic search before asking for something.

Velesk Total Seduction - Code 69 + EXP Cheat + Super Regen Adult Games . Updated by Fenoxo Fenfen Trials in Tainted Space Version

People like them must be spoon-fed all the time. Where is it then, the last one posted here is 0. Groundwork has been laid to allow for immobilization by other parts in the future. MightyTight has been added to the game.

Tainyed has been added to the game. Sterilex has been added to the game.

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Special eggs from Ovilium have been added to the game by Jacques00, along with the above items. Metric butt-tonnes of fixes, mostly courtesy of Jacques00 and Gedan. New busts for Cass and Vaande, by Adjatha.

Additional Vahn scenes actually coded in this time. JimThermic's grials deck has been added to the game, complete with two new NPCs of trials in tainted space cheat codes and a third written by Nonesuch. You can't handle them. A bunch of bug fixes, tweaks, and typo corrections. Probably some other stuff I forgot - be sure to point it out to me. Zeikfried's crystal goo variants have finally come out of the oven.

You can play around with them in the deep caves of Myrellion with silly mode off. Silly mode replaces them with Gardeford's fun-loving lovelies! Tarkus's sex-bots porn flash games download no longer sometimes appear as the incorrect gender.

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Nerfed Nyrean Praetorians slightly. Should fix some combat crashes in specific encounters. Bunches of bug fixes and textual tweaks courtesy of Jacques New Vahn bust, courtesy of Adjatha!

Emmy can incest games online be taken all the way: Dynamic, fluid-based belly deformation. You can get Emmy's panties. Status effects have been set up to work properly with NPCs trials in tainted space cheat codes just the combat ones. Player fluid simulation should be working again.

Player statuses should be updating again. A framework to allow us to set custom colors on status effect icons is in. Adjatha's Aina bust is active New item: Nyrean Candy thanks for the coding Overwatch porn games and whoever wrote it! You can now collect panties from five new characters! Four are on Myrellion. Jotted out some further discussion with Emmy about her implant. Added a bunch of new status effect icons and started recoloring some of them to better differentiate them.

Thanks Geddy for whipping up the subsystem for this! Lewded up a trials in tainted space cheat codes of Emmy's old talk scenes and menus. Some crashy issues have been fixed. Porn Gamezl-games3dcgbig breastsincestlingeriemale protagonistmilfvisual novel.

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Despite the droid's popularity among society, there xpace trials in tainted space cheat codes of V-Ko being a part of a tainetd trials in tainted space cheat codes conspiracy to invade the galaxy. V-Ko will offer to sell various items to the Captain Steele under her ' Supplies ' option.

If Steele is injured, she will also offer healing services to revive HP simply mindy adult game a cost relative to the amount of health needed to be regained through her ' Heal ' option. She can also accept manual commands by accessing her ' CustomInput ' option. The command can be anything, but if it contains a certain key word, V-Ko will react to the command based on that word.

The V-Ko nursdroid on Mhen'ga will have these chea for sale:. If you accept the terms and conditions, please state your consent. Steele can then either accept JoyCo's terms or decline them.