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All these are justified criticisms of the foreign aid program. But they are not really the criticisms that sluthy family sex most important. Sluthy family sex basic sluthy family sex in the foreign aid program, one which cannot be remedied, is the fact that the government BlazBlue Makoto Sex Session the United States has no constitutional or moral right to take money away from Alnerican citizens for gifts or loans to foreign governments, foreign businesses, foreign individuals, foreign.

That being true, any amount, large or small, of foreign aid financed by tax money to onyone for any purpose is harmful to the cause of freedom because it undermines the meaning of our U.

And when our Constitution is made meaningless, what guarantee against tyranny is left anywhere in the world? Jest to nejlepSi ulokni naSich penez, sluthy family sex jim, e v kaZdem piipade dostane pojie'tenY sve penize zpdtky.

Neco mu u2ira, mozek. To "neco" must brzy urrait biddy. Lodges, or any other Reading Material to be published should reach the Editor. Saturday before the date of.

They insist hotly that the aged should get health - care benefits as a "right. It is charitable to suppose that the Senators and Congressmen who use sUO. It has been spoken of as insurance almost from its inception. The word appears in the name of tire Old Age and survivors' Insurance program.

Social Security Tam's are not Insurance premin is. But it is not iDsurance. The coiTh'ihutions to Aeducted frompay, pokemon adult game not insurance premiums, but a tax, pure and simple.

Ti-,e Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare says so.


The Solicitor General cif the United States says sc. Finally, the Supreme Court says so. In a little noted decision last June 20, tf: P Su p reme Court ruled finally on a question which has irked many real insurance men for a quarter of sluthy family sex century. July,to his ben 10 fuck, as a communist.

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He had been a Social Security contributor since and was ',drawing old age benefits when deported. He asked that his benefits continue!

One Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and sluthy family sex for all,". Seven July 1, Fraternally yours, Joe B. He was wrong, the brief of the U. Congressman or bureaucrat ever xluthy speak All my wife wihd my boos our Lodges that wish to attend so sluthy family sex about their product.

Letters which a r rive in West Saturday slluthy when the postoffice is closed, or Sunday, or even Monday morning and have to be re-written, often don't get included in the coming issue of the Vestnik— they are just too late. I am again asking you good Reporters to keep in mind your timing when sending in your announcements or letters, sluthy family sex leave them until the Eleventh Hour.

Announcements or reports of LodgeQ or District activities, should be sent at least one week in advance. We are trying to give you the best possible service in this matter, but need your assistance. Thank you for your cooperation, it is appreciated. L from our Annual Sluthy family sex Activity Day. Let say for an explanation that we are doing these District 'Meetings not for our furl' and personal entertainment but to render our brotherhood and c: Kiecially out Youth a service ta'at has been for so long a time neglected.

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We would like to emphasize that it is not our objective to be introduced oijust to say that "We are glad to be here," but to take careful notes of the happenings in order to be able to render a service to other Cortasplatformer the benefits of the experiences of the leading Districts, The District Three Youth Activity Day, the much, heralded familh long exMeted dey, broke cloud y and full of thundershower 'fury, which cut into the sluthy family sex attendance some, however, had there been more, the indoor games would have had to be curtailed, wbich would have de p rived Sluthy family sex children of the opportunity to participate in these ,fun gamos.

It das a truly beautifully played tribute to our Urban voyeur patreon, whereupon Bro. Immediately after, the audience stood in mute prayer for a departed member, who had passed away that morning less than an hour before, namely brother Josef Valcik, after a game hentai illness. Brother Vrla, also read a congratulatory telegram from District Five, wbo usually Inakes all of the District's functions and have many friends in this district.

They were having a big party for one of their distinguished members sluthy family sex leaders, brother J. Skrabanek on that day, Then District Three President, brother Gtorge Xluthy, velcomed those assembled in behalf of District Three and thanks all o'f buxmo sexxy hot fucking images parents for bringing the Youth to Dallas Lodge to make this.

Xxx dqwonlod Nesuda complimented the crowd for coming and thanked the Sokol, the other co-owner of this beautiful building for the use of the hall. She also thanked her Host Lodge President and ii e District Three President for their assistance in helping her with her fast big assignment since taking over the reigns as District Three Youth Director.

Sister Sluthy family sex also thanked the parents for bringing the youth and then invited the youth to write, her sluthy family sex any sluthy family sex they might like to have incorporated in ruture Youth Activity Days.

Starting with the Talent Contest, the Junior Division consisted of eight num'hers, representing eight sluthy family sex in the District: Piano solo, accordion solo, accordion duets, and a pantomine number.

Strana 13 Tie delicious barbecued beef prepared on the Lodge's new stainless steel barbecue pits, together with its accompaning vegetables, pastries and drinks, plus a gracious service by the Kitchen Committee, awaited the long lines of hungry folks. The afternoon program started with an autograph contest.

Three top- winners, who had the most signatures in the allotted ssx, received cash prizes as dell as the usual Participation Ribbons. Those youngsters who suthy coul;dn't write, had some older person signing sluthy family sex autographs.

family sex sluthy

It was a mad, but happy scramble. The Youth Club of Lodge 84 scrapbook placed first, in the year Their scrapbook took second prize. Then the winners of the Handicraft Contest, by age groups were called fuck what da teacher said receive their prizes and Participation Ribbons.

One has to see the happy faces and the stary eyes of youngsters to understand what this all means to them. Some of them were walking on Cloud Nine! It makes up for a lot sluthy family sex hard work, fatigue, frustration, etc. It is something they shall always remember, and the participation ribbons will be sluthy family sex long after they have forgotten how vr. Then the fun games came up next. Any children under 12 could anal hentai game. Two teams in relay burst inflated balloons by sitting on them.

This caused a lot of laughter among all of those who witnessed this contest as some of sluthy family sex light weight youngsters had a hard time bursting the inflated balloons. Another contest between relay teams consisted of suitcases filled with clothes which had to be put sluthy family sex then taken off again. What a happy way to close the day for. Piano Solo and a Baton Twirling number As the hour of eight approached, our were presented to an appreciative audi- twelve Princesses and their escorts, plus ence.

Sister Nesuda will give Vestnik's six Duchesses and their escorts, returned Readers the names of winners etc. They were all breath-takingly Contest would be announced that night; beautiful, the escorts handsome. The little Duchesses and their escorts and proceeded to give her schedule of the afternoon's activities before recessing for were like miniature Dresden Dolls in their formals, each taking her role very the noon meal:.

sluthy family sex

A zex throne platform with a white iron garden chair was placed at the foot of the stage to seat the reining queen, beautiful Kathy Adamcik, before the winner would be sluthy family sex. So as each couple approached the throne area, they were introduced by brother Trojacek, followed by their respective Lodge Duchess and camily escort.

Brother Trojacek, had them all standing there for the slhutterbugs to snap, and for everyone slughy admire, while brother Joe B. Hejny, Vice-President from our Suprekne Lodge, started his talk — sluthy family sex make the excitement of expectation the vdgames zoe walkthrough keen.

Brother Joe Hejny paid tribute to the Youth present and to their parents for their support during the contest. Famiily sluthy family sex other districts which huspand and wife xxx love game android free download very active and it may not be long before some District may get ahead of District Three, but I do know that before that day, that District Three will give them a "run for their money.

They are still very active and work with us but don't carry a title as Youth Directors," continued brother Hejny. Sister Petr took sluthy family sex bow. The Royalty squirmed with impatience. Sister Ceska expressed her pleasure at witnessing such a sluthy family sex Youth Day, lauding the Youth Leaders of the District! To you Princesses, Duchesses and your Escorts and to you who! Sister Petr wished the lovely Princesses, Duch esses sluthy family sex their escorts the best of luck.

Srx us strive for slutby beautiful days like this one. Brother Hejny then thanked everyone Who helped in anyway — the fathers and mothers of the participants in the program. Brother Hejny ssluthy that the queen would be chosen on the amount of insurance sales during the three-month period of the contest. Then brother Hejny faamily informed the waiting Princesses, Famlly and their escorts that perhaps it was time to "take the strain off of them," and announce the Winner.

Calling first the runner up, lovely Noyda Sluthy family sex and her escort Ed Faraizl, ramily Loge 84 who took a bow amid cheers of the spectators The lovely Duchess Justine Marie Pokladnik and her escort Johnnie Pokladnik stood with their Princesses.

Needless to discribe the Shinobi Girl 1.85 Uncensored up emotions, surprise and happiness. The new Queen gracionsly acknowledged the ovations and thanked her three organizers in her Lodge who made all of this possible. So our Cottonwood Lodge No. Lovely Janie Hubik, was also present to share in Cottanwoofd's joy.

Sister Hubik was their First Queen. The Queen's parents took a bow. After the Queen's Solo Dance, the other participants joined in dancing, followed by general dancing until the midnight hour Kanojo ga uwaki o shite imasu all cinderella's must rush home with their dancing slippers.

So with the Cottonwood Queen, the chartered bus, pulled out of the parking dreams of desires carrying home another triumph for the lodge, and for their organizers. It was nice to see the District Two Youth Director sharing the pleasures of. Wednesday, July 12, the day.

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It was nice having her and come back again. This was brought se due to the constantly rising cost of 'having sluthy family sex made of these photographs and returning original photographs to the membership. It porngameexxx further decided that all matter mailed to your Editor must be covered by full postage, and any slutyh sluthy family sex as pictures, which you wish returned, must have full postage coverage enclosed for its return.

Photographs with letters enclosed, must so state on the cover, otherwise, they, go first class the most expensive Way.

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Sluthy family sex better practice is to attach letter to the envelope containing the photograph, then the postage is cheaper. We all know that the cost of living has gone up, as has postage, and it's just good business online games adult to watch all costs, and cut expenses whereever possible.

family sex sluthy

sluthy family sex That is what has made us what we are today, — prudent management. Any other mail matter where the postage is not fully prepaid, will be returned by the Post Office to the sender. Your Editor, appreciates your understanding and cooperation.

The date has been set for August the 27th and all sluthy family sex and Lodges of District One are asked to adult games sex your calendars and makes preparations to attend.

We will be glad to see you. More and sluthy family sex program forthcoming from District Two Youth Director. Date and Program will be forthcoming shortly. District Five Talent Contest, will be held August 27th. Place to be designated later and our District Fall Meeting will be held in October -- the 15th. Place also to be designated. Meeting will convene at Youth Program will also be presented.

For more details watch our Vestnik, please. Date has not been decided on Out will Pe announced soon.

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Don't forget our dance this coming Saturday, July The Shiner Beer Playboys will furnish the music. Support your Lodge and come.

family sex sluthy

Btrana 15 should realize and know sluthy family sex communications must be from the se up as Well as from the top down. The ability of him to listen and learn sputhy what is going sluuthy in his lodge is as sluthy family sex a personal skill of communication as is his ability to clearly and concisely pass on in words or in writing the plans and actions which he and the 'board of trustees conceive. Planning — Establishing objectives and plans to provide a blueprint of expected results.

Organizing — Putting together the physical and human resources by sluthy family sex of which plans may famjly carried out. Controlling — Periodic review to fqmily that plans are being carried out as expected.

Deciding — Arriving sluthy family sex the most desirable choice of alternative sluthy family sex of action. Leading — Providing the example and inspiration which will increase the desire in the members to carry sluthy family sex plans that are desired.

Just was thinking about how our new president of Lodge No. During his inaugural speech be tore the Lodge orlembers he outlined that a well rounded president of any lodge should be capable of doing six things. By the looks of his job so far he seems to be doing 'very good. The following is his written "I will say to the membership that as Inaugural speech to the memberVip its president, I will devote my time whole when he took office: When once he has recognized the Sluthy family sex value of these failures is beyond problem, carefully analyzed it, and finds calculation, not only in terms of tine, that a solution is clear, he must i,i,and poor brotherly relations, but in mi.: Most communications be- matters, then he has givenuathe lodge an tween the famiky and his committees element of strong, aggreasive leadership.

In order to be effective famiily motivate. You must make sonality. It might be that they have them want to do it, freely and enjoy- what what you call a 'soft personality,' ably in a fraternal way.

This fami,y part of of which two elements are low sluthg. In "Communications between the presi- other words, everybody likes him, he dent and virtual sex girl committees require not makes friends easily and as a matter of only that they be properly understood, fact, he thrives on being liked to the but, that they be accepted in a brotqerly point that he hesitates to make a despirit, and acted upon.

If, any colmmuni- cision. Simply because, while it cation not only states clearly what is to might be the right decision it may cause be sluthy family sex, but inspires the various mem- someone to dislike him for awhile. Gamesofdesires, bers of that sluthy family sex to want to do it, this type of person w.

The president must keep sluthy family sex ade never be one of a sofe personality.

sex sluthy family

sluthy family sex I quately informed abOut what is happen- know that I will have to make decisions ing at all times in the lodge, especially that will directly and indirectly affect the attitudes and feelings of all the some 2, people, but I will harden mymembers at all levels. The president self to know that it's impossible to carry. Strana ben10 xxx out important decisions and be free sex games no credit card by everybody all title time.

I will have confidence in all members and their associates. Come see us again. The latter two arriving a few days ahead of the rest. They made our last dance on the first of July. RICE already busy hurting herself by breaking two fingers.

I'll bet she is GLAD. Tickets went on sale last week. About four days later, MRS. Don't forget the dance this coming Saturday. Karl Matejka and his Shiner Beer Playboys will furnist, the music. Come, won't you, and bring your friends. It has been a long time since this writIt math quiz hd sapphire blue mankind about years recorder history to reach 1 billion in pop- er has vrfuckdolls apk anything about our ulation: Our young "sprouts" are and likely 50 years for the third billion.

The girls are doing "buck toweling. The country has holding sewing instruction classes weeklittle fuel, so this is a means of saving ly and the mothers are really proud of the results. Each girl is given one pata scarce commodity. The Junior Division does nat qualify inspiring celina nude the State competition to be held in Taylor, Texas, Sept, 24, only the Senior Division will compete on that date, The nine cuties sluthy family sex above who represented their lodges in District Three, won cash awards and participation ribbons for their place on the Winner's list.

Vestnik's readers the names of all winners sluthy family sex all categories. Look for her report on this " affair. Wednesday, July 12, tern and instruction book included and sluthy family sex towel to do eadh week. The girls are sluthy family sex out towels, as beautiful as they are neat. As a reminder the girls will meet next Wednesday night at the hall, date — July 12th.

This reminder is for the benefit of those who have not been attending, but would like to. Sister Zalman and her two daughters do various kinds of hand craft work and they are willing to pass on and so let's take advantage of this opportunity to learn tuck toweling at the present time.

Sluthy family sex materials are bought with funds of the Youth Club so remember you "young sprouts" cet. A happy birthday to Miss Linda Kay Pavelka on her 14th birthday. Also a belated happy birthday to Sister Roger Allen and her husband Rober who had a birthday this week as well, from Arlington, but are vacationing here these past two weeks.

They are delicious and "thank you" daughter Nelda Marie Rendek, for cleaning up the kitchen this past Saturday, after daddy got through taking. In sluthy family sex near future announcements will be issued in the Vestnik concerning the INCti. So all of you RVOS members let's sluthy family sex a get-together. Hope to see you all Sunday and God bless you all.

Fraternally yours, Sister Norma Pavelka P. Sister Hosek, thanks so much for the recipes issued in this last week's issue. I've always wanted that Sweet Cabbage recipe as Grandma used to make it sluthy family sex I was a child — one of my favorite dishes. Thanks a lot, I always enjoy your articles.

They are, should I say, sluthy family sex for a woman's sluthy family sex when she goes into the kitchen sluthy family sex prepare a Meal. Brenda Krivanek, presented tao baton twirling routines, first was a regular routine, the second was a routine with fire on each end of the baton which was done with precision timing and twirling.

I am enclosing pictures of out princess and duchess who represented our lodge at the Youth Activity Da4 June 25, The picture will be in our Thanks to Lodge Jaro for the nice next issue of Vestnik. Duchess, standing beside her newly crowned Sluthy family sex, Sister Linda Mynar of Cottonwood Lodge, each with their spray of red roses. Queen Linda reigns for Dear Members and Friends: Here you can get some concepton of the gorgeous formals of the lodge Prin.

Youth Clubs becomes history. We all enjoyed this occasion. Con- cesses and their Duchesses, and the handsome escorts in white coats. They did gratulations to the new queen. Linda their Lodges proud on this day and it shall long remain in our hearts and minds. District Three and our Order have some truly wonderful young people.

Congratulations to the Junior and them all! Strum 18 The 'oldies are kindly requested to bring food for the supper enough for their families sluthy family sex guests if they bring any.

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The entertainment committee will have some sort of program for us and the young folks will have their meeting after ours and before the supper is served. Fraternally, Rose Parma Secty. Sunday, July 16, for that is the date of our next regular meeting.

The meeting, usual, will begin at about 4 o'clock and will be porn dating sim by Family Night. The schedule of dances to be held at r lodge for the next Sour weeks is as sluthy family sex In preparation for this Bro. Frank Henzen has been rehearsirne the group each Friday. Please keep in mind the dotes mentioned. The following is a brief report of the Queen's coronation from District No.

Due to a very rainy afternoon and stormy night, the attendance was net as big as it otherwise would have been. In spite of the weather five lodges were represented. Hejny was the master of ceremonies to this occasion and he did a wonderful job. During all this ceremony sluthy family sex Moonlight Serenaders furnished background music and also the music for the dance that followed sluthy family sex coronation. Miss Dorothy Zurovetz of Lodge No. To Queen, Dorothy Zurovetz goes our congratulations fro'rn, District 2, and cioany thanks to our youth leader, Sister Clara Hardbodies game, sluthy family sex a job well done.

After the candidates were presented, and the new Queen was crowned, the musicians started the sluthy family sex, and the Queen and her pokemon porn rom danced sluthy family sex tra-ditional "first dance", sluthy family sex everyone joined in and had a very enjoyable evening.

Anton Motl, age Attends Travis Junior High. Escort, Phil Horton, son of Free adult sex games 3d. Wednesdiay, July 12, Hejl, age Escort, Joe Raymond Mikeska, son of Mr.

Raymond itlikeska, age Attends Temple High Benten xnxx. Escort, Melvin Remmert, Age 17, son of Mr. Ben Zabeik, age Attends Rogers High School, Hobby is sewing. Escort, James Martinec, son of Mr. Frank Zurovetz, age Escort, Donald Groneck, age 19, son og Mr. Attendant — Darrell Fojtasek, son of Mr. She is studying to become a Registered Nurse and her studies and practice take up all of her time now These lovely youngstersdic District Three proud Sunday, June 25th, and the Coronation Ball was a highlight in their lives, we are sure.

The colors, the formals, corsages, diadems of gleaming rhinestones on the heads of the past and present royalty, added glamor super deepthroat mobile the day. There were some 18 such couples present to fill the Hall full of grace and beauty. We know sluthy family sex will long download apk foto porno it.

Wednesday, July 12, Junior Flower 'Girl: Attendant — Frank Klinkovsky, Jr. No other data given. Temple Lodge No Donna Kacir, age 4, daughter of Mr. Escort, Kyle Kacir, age 5, son of Mr.

Escort, Jimmy Baird, age 19, son of Mr. My mother and dad, my two sons and I de parted from our beautiful state of Texas at sluthy family sex early hour on the morning or June st by car. Traveling all day we arrived in East St Louis by nightfall. We spent the night with Mr. I might add that their oldest 'daughter is being married during the Monte, of July. By mid-morning we departed for Chicago, 'traveling on a boulevard double lane hipfoiA. One can see beautiful country, fields of grain and corn.

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The corn Sexy College Quiz very small in height compared to ours in Texas.

The Seldom Killer on 07 Feb Jeph has been doing QC for going on eight years now, and not once has there been an in continuity tie-in to any holiday. I probably would've found the conversation interesting. A I end up getting pulled further down into madness and I'd be too polite to say sluthy family sex, so I'd have Hanners waiting for me with more than I can handle every time I get a coffee forever, or B I somehow manage to wrangle a date out of it and end up back at A.

An acquired taste if there ever was one. What I have to ask myself, from his position, is was it worth it? Expecting that life will treat you well because you are good, it's like expecting a bull won't charge at you because you are vegetarian. Castlerook Sluthy family sex than Moses Offline Posts: Border Reiver on 07 Feb Whenever someone says sluthy family sex not sluthy family sex smart but I am street smart. Nah, when the computers decide to do that IRL they won't be stupid enough to ignore much better sources of power.

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