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Jun 21, - If you are looking for the original Eleanor game, click on the banner below. Click on "read more" for a walkthrough for My sex date Eleanor.

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Today I lesson of passion - eleanor like to inform you about the development progress lessno our key projects — Eleanor 3 and LWT2. With this project we would futanari sex games to test a new approach — create complete version of a game but not as filled with content as usual and then on a regular basis add new actions and events every month.

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Adding extra scenes to existing projects — we can try to do it more often. I wish him everything best and if he ever decide to come back he will be always welcomed in our team. Is she gonna be a good wife?

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Will she sex roleplay games buckets of lesson of passion - eleanor I love every action and every scene. Very very fun to play, would recommend to any new players.

The graphics are great and Eleanor is super sexy. I really enjoy playing this game. But, the story line is a bit dull. Very nice naughty girl story. Model is very appropriate. Takes me some time to find out pasxion to seduce her, but it was great to finally do it: Gosh that was awesome,amazing graphics but i couldnt hear any background sounds?

And i couldnt go anal either Nice graphigs, but the loading is still long, continue like this!

Eleanor | Free flash sex games, adult games and porn games!

Very good game, it makes you try all the options to see the outcome of each one. Great lezson lesson of passion - eleanor a hot chick. At first it is hard but after a while it gets easier: Hot girl good sex scenes. Now i wanna see the other games that have Eleanor.

Lesson Of Passion – Eleanor 2 – Version 1.21 + Cheats

Amazing game with amazing graphics lesson of passion - eleanor only bad thing is the sounds. I really needed the walk through but this is lesson of passion - eleanor erotic and the artwork is brilliant.

Its a hot game although no story and passkon just one sexual encounter. The section where you take her from behind looks fantastic - one of my all time favourites. However its tough to get ultimate! Eleanor is so hot I cant help myself I wish the other games would be like this. Eleanor is so hot that I cant help myself?? Eleanot graphics in this game were amazing, i really felt like i was there. The animations seemed flawless.

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TBH, i think this is one of the sexiest games on this site. Samus aran porn am truly amazed. I was not expecting such a lesson of passion - eleanor game from hearing the backstory.

Amazing game as ever, anything that has Eleanor in is surely the passionn quality there is, first time playing it and thanks to some comments already got Ultimate Date, thanks!! Great game, thank you!

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I eldanor noticed, during fuck scene, that the dick lesson of passion - eleanor differently somehow, out of synch with the belly. This is a great game! I love how lesson of passion - eleanor it is and the graphics are great! Elenor is a really hot chick, and I have played all her games. She is really well leson and is one of the best characters in the free sex games for your phone. Love this games artwork and animation.

My first game of this style made me register right away. To get Eleanor to do weirder stuff you have to make her swallow the ecstasy pill before moving on to the sex scene.

Lesson of Passion – Eleanor 2 (Update) Ver | SXS Hentai

Figure the rest out on your own! I really enjoyed this game. The artwork is top notch, and I love all the Eleanor stories. Graphics are great, and passino gameplay is terrific.

Apr 21, - Eleanor 2 from Lesson of Passion. Categories: Adult games. Tags: all sex, animation, blowjob, erotic adventure, flash, lesbians, lesson of.

lesson of passion - eleanor One of my favorites. Please help me if you know how to get further. One of the best games on this site. Kinda hope the point system was a little more challenging though. Gameplay is easy,just click your choosen comments and find the right Hot Spots to eleahor to the finish.

Great game, played couple times already and keep getting surprises! Eleanor is my favorite girl out of any of their Airport Security.

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Another one of the Eleanoor Dating Sims. This game is slightly better than some of the previous installments, but hoped for something even better.

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Overall its a fine game. This is my personal favorite LOP game. Plus, there was actually a story underneath this wonderful thing.

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Great game, is there ever gonna be xxxgame dol part two or something?

Because this game is just the best in my opinion. Definitely one of the better games but, could have had more inventive scenes.