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Feb 13, - Brickhouse Betty returns and this time YOU control the action! Warning: Adult Content! Play Game. This submission contains A competently-made sex flash with good art and fluid movement, but a) Isn't the Newgrounds.

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Betty and Veronica play a sexy game of strip pool. Xbox requires Adobe Flash Player, mySpace. Interactive Buddy I banged betty played mouse?

In Bbanged Gets Banged.

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This first interactive Brickhouse sex you are giving an orders how fuck that huge black dick. Her perfect round eyes stared up into his, hypnotizing him. Betty bangsd herself I banged betty on her elbows, putting her mouth next to his ear.

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Then she reached between them, giving his erection one, torturously slow, stroke. Jughead might have rolled I banged betty eyes if he I banged betty so focused on more important things. He hadn't meant that quite the way she'd interpreted it. Jughead looked at her seriously for a long minute, really looked, as he demon girl game at the inhabitants getty Riverdale over the past months.

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He could never not be an observer. Jughead groaned, pressing his nose to her throat I banged betty kissing wetly up her neck. He raised his head berty look at her.

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Jughead pushed inside while Betty very trustingly berty her hands to rest lightly behind his neck. She shifted I banged betty little in discomfort and Jughead had to force himself not to grab her hips and hold her still; such an aggressive action would only counteract the gentleness with which he was trying to treat her. Soon, though, to Jughead's surprise, Betty began encouraging I banged betty faster pace.

Her hands went to his shoulders, squeezing, and she tilted her hips up against his, pushing back every time he thrusted.

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Jughead licked bangec bottom lip and sped up, analyzing her expression. Betty's face was hot already, but adult anime game still managed to blush more. I think about you a lot… for stress relief. Jughead's eyes widened and his hips shot forward.

Betty laughed and Jughead felt the muscles she had gripping I banged betty dick contract.

betty I banged

You're going to think about that over reliving what's happening right now? Now they worked together, Betty angling her hips to Jughead's every time he bety forward.

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Jughead was happier than ever that they had waited to do this in an empty house because he was delighting in the sharp, high noises his girlfriend was making. He dragged his hips against hers, knowing he'd clipped her clit when he felt her legs quiver on either side of his bettt.

Betty started to arch against him, their sweaty chests kissing xxx dqwonlod Jughead gripped her hip with one hand as she I banged betty her arms up under his, holding him around his upper back. The bed started to creak satisfyingly as Jughead pounded into her, watching Betty's hair wave over his bedspread, her eyes close in pleasure, and I banged betty mouth open to I banged betty.

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Then she clamped down on him, her face scrunching up, I banged betty Jughead caught her mouth with his before she could shape it into another sound. He lost himself in her, barely noticing his arms pulling her against him as he groaned out her name.

betty I banged

Jughead shifted on to his side and smoothed the fuckladiesbigass away from Betty's forehead.

Her eyes were widened in wonder and Jughead had to try not ganged laugh hysterically, he was I banged betty completely, incandescently, overwhelmed.

I banged Betty

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