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Porn games - Daughter for Dessert Ch2 (3D category) - This is the second chapter and sequel to the first game.

I tryed firefox and MS edge no differences. ArkynJun 1, I do not understand the ending to this chapter.

Daughter For Dessert – Chapter 4-11

The Aunt has Zero parental rights anywhere in the world as far as I know as long as fot "parent" is alive so this has me at a complete loss as to where this story is going. It makes no sense to me.

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And to have Saul as her lawyer is a conflict of interest as he was a employee and has personal knowledge of the player. This to me seems to be a shitty way of making daughter for dessert chapter 2 story longer to keep the money rolling in. I am not sure I am going chaptsr continue my patreon support if this is the way its going to be. But I really DO love this story, except this part LorandrielJun 1, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Daughter for dessert ch 7 - 8 (amanda sex scenes). Categories: Cartoon Tags: dad fucks daughter, dad and daughter, daddy, game, anime hentai, anime sex.

The dialogue is the same and it still ends the same dad holding daughter in the park. Unless the update was to include support for another language being added. There is a problem with chapter 9. For the game progression, use your space bar.

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Sorry, in my haste I forgot to mention that chapters are available for offline play. They are still the online versions, and we have been playing, up to this point, on the offline versions.

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Please upload the offline versions of 7 and 8. I have played all chapters then downloaded chapter 9 from here and FAP Nation and both have the exact same problem as there is no game application file.

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I created a tiny app that lets you convert the standalone files into what you need to import into the online version.

Thanks a lot, seriously. It loaded the save from chapter 6 to chapter 7 flawlessly. Thanks a lot mate. Do you get an error?

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If so, what kind of error? Ok so I did everything you said to do.

Daughter for Dessert [Chapter 11] [Palmer] | FAP-Nation

Where the hell is this game saving to? Hello, I just did everything you said, but the game restart to the charge file interface when the process should be over. Give me a few more weeks. I followed your instruction, unfortunately after uploading the. Any idea daughter for dessert chapter 2 I am doing wrong?

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I would daughter for dessert chapter 2 testing to destruction anything created using real security before offering it to the public at large. Because all that happens with my program is that it scans the directory you pick that should be your DFD save directory as listed in the instructionsloads it into memory, encodes it into JSON raughter sans some garbage characters lost in translation and saves it into a file of your choice.

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Only an idiot tells chpter to lower or replace my security to accommodate them. I routinely ask others equal or better than I am to attack anything I create while it is still in an inactively used throwaway install.

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I never assume that somebody finding my error is in fault. I suggest you find a new career. Would like to import my online saves desdert downloaded versions of game.


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