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Kunoichi Kaos 1: Adult game by ToonPimp. The Curse O The Curse Of Cracklevania game. The Curse Of Cracklevania: Don't let them fuck you. Game by.

Had a bit of trouble with the swimming, myself.

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Figured out the only way I could manage was to spam jump. Took a bit of finagling. History Flag History Recent approvals Help.

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SoulDragon Blocked 8 years ago. Any InfHP cheat or something? Chadbeats Member 8 years ago.

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I only found 12 enemies in the hole damn thing. SapperDragon Member 8 years ago.

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Anyone extranct all the animations? I am too stupid to do that.

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Baebel Member 8 years ago. Not bad, but this seems a bit ShadowWulf Member 8 years ago.

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Luca's Shadow Member 8 years ago. That's probably why this version was submitted.

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Think I have found everything and seen all the monsters. Crocodile, wolfman, bug thing, cerebus, demon girl, tongue monster, machine, and fish.

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AS mentioned before, it is fun to lose. Girl 94 And I'm not sure if she doesn't like it too.

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It's not to get laid really This shouldn't be a hentai game. So, please keep makeing this game but as a game not as hentai.

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Most of ToonPimp's gallery work focuses on fetishizing well known Disney and Warner' Brothers cartoon characters. Toon Pimp draws an ongoing erotic comic, Nogocurse of cracklevania erotic takeoff on "Pogo". He has also created several games of varying complexity.

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His most ambitious project to date is The Uptown Brothel. This game is vaguely similar to High Tail Hall and The Tail Underground in having several rooms and different characters to interact with, but it is done in Toon Pimp's curse of cracklevania style, involving a mix of erotic and humorous elements.

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The curse of cracklevania version of the game -- available at Toonpimp's Palace and at adflashtoons -- does not curse of cracklevania "full interaction" explicit sex with any of the characters, but there have been past versions that did have this feature. He published fewer works in than in previous years but then began producing more games starting in According to notes on his website and in his Yahoo!