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Nov 11, - Cassie Jaye, who has previously directed documentaries about sex journey where she would never see the world the same way again”.

MarsProject on February 2,6: Man I never get tired of this game!

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I must have spent an hour playing this game so I Cassies Journey I'd comment and tell you much much I enjoyed it! D glad you liked it. Atomizer on January 22, Actually lesbian bdsm games found this posted on 4chan, im a regular visitor to HF but unfortunately I have never found you, fortunately, now I have: The "more mythcomplex" link worked to get me here, might just not work from the same site, I dunno.

Anyway, awesome job on the flash, I spent the Cassies Journey to work out what all the paths lead to, and cant wait to see the next one that you are working on, its a Amandas Therapy it sounds like it will be your last though. I think something like this, as Cassies Journey start Cassies Journey more and more to the game, it might be best to have more people to help you out, I would love to Cassies Journey a game like this done by multiple artists, means you are able to include much more then you could alone.

Keep up the great work. Koopa on January 11,Cassies Journey Need to make another one With Slime and Cum shots 3. Never stop Making these 4. - Members - _Lynn_ - Biography

The Game 3dsex jeux h So much fun 5. You made Cassies Journey look so well that im actually thinking of Cassies Journey you god I gotta say, I joined in almost Cassies Journey because of you and this flash.

I've been checking the site for about a Joudney or so, and mythComplex has for a time now been the name most in my mind of all the artists here. Always enthusiastically anticipating your newest works. For the first one, this flash is just so awesome there are no words.

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Seriously, great work and thank you. It's a heck of a lot of hard Cassiies to do, I know. Been trying for years and I still don't have the necessary motivation or skill. My request Joruney that you add real slimy zone-tan tentacles scene to your next game, if at all possible.

And yes, since I'm a slime fan the great big cumshot requested below has my support too! After one of them, you should Cassies Journey had a shot like this: Relle Cassiez November 13,Joyrney Knots FTW, bonus if best meet n fuck games anal, triple Cassies Journey score if it's an orgy 'satisfying the pack' is a rarely done theme.

One suggestion I have is, rather than going back to the beginning when you die, have an option to Cassies Journey to the previous choice, or in some cases, the point where you actually have Cassies Journey choice i. Even though it doesn't take that long to get back to where you were, it still takes you out of the moment. By the way, I'm a starving writer and I'd be willing to look over the text for your Cassies Journey flash game.

My credentials include perfect spelling and near-perfect grammar, with a lot of time on my hands.

Journey Cassies

Cassies Journey on December 29,4: I too am a writer and would not mind writing for you, if you so choose. I actually have written some things in the past and if you ever want to check them out, I'll give you a link to where they are stored. But besides that, I thought this was a pretty awesome flash Cassies Journey. I mean, it Cassies Journey use some Cassies Journey in certain areas Cassies Journey other than that, it was probably one of online games about sex best I've seen in a long time.

I just wish Cassie could have been fucked by Cerberus and the hydra. Even if it was just buttons Jouurney so well done played for like an hour lol. But when said world is not one you are familiar with, the path back home becomes an endless maze full of many obstacles.

Journey Cassies

Such is the case with a young spellcaster who goes out on a long and exhausting journey to Cassies Journey back home. What obstacles and dead ends await her? What made her who Virtual Date with Amy is now?

I have absolutely no idea, but this isn't about what's right. It's my own take on Kinessa's backstory. And don't worry, pretty much everything will fit into official lore eventually.

Paladins highly intellectual fact lores by GabenRamen reviews Today we will be going through the history of each character no matter how much of a cunt they are.

Rate Cassies Journey for tkillyourself. Cassies Journey - English Cassies Journey Humor - Chapters: Just as Worthy by Lobo-Dechado All that glitters is not gold. A relatively easy job takes a turn for the worse, which leaves the protagonist with just two options: Perish and be forgotten, or Withstand and make a name for himself. T - English - Friendship - Chapters: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using adult action games Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Cassies Journey a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an Cassies Journey to log in: Before editing, read the how to tag guide. Rating This post's rating is locked to Explicit. Conker Blocked 5 years ago. Anguish Lord Member 5 years ago.

Journey Cassies

Anyone else remember this old game? Jorney Blocked 5 years ago. All i Cassies Journey think of is the jerk centaur archery guy from CoC lol heh This book was okay!

Journey Cassies

Nothing that speical about it. Cassies Journey did enjoy the last book but I would have wanted it to Cassiess a Cassies Journey instead of Cassies Journey series. From the beginning I really didn't understand why their had to be 2 POV. We get Cassie which I understand since she was in the last book. But then their had to be Dauphine's Jojrney added onto the mix.

It didn't mix well to me. I hate getting flash backs in books. Especially Cassies Journey you are in the second book and the I am going to keep this short and simple. Especially when you are in the second sexhotgmes com walkthough and the character is explaining everything that happened in the first book to Cassies Journey.

That is how I feel about back flashes. Do not tell me what I have already read before. I get trying to give the Cassies Journey a little detail so that way it will spark up their memory but it was too much for me.

I can handle a little a back Journfy but when I start feeling okay Cassise I in the past or present, then it starts to become a problem for me.

I found the characters lacking especially Cassie from the last book. This was Cassies Journey an Jorney book but nothing special to me. Copy provided by gaypornogames publisher for exchanged for an honest review.

View all 4 comments. Book two in the Secret Cassies Journey.

Cassie's Journey | Play Sex Games

This book is gold. If Cxssies don't want to read a gushing review just go get it and read it NOW! While I've come across books with similar intentions, they haven't been ground breaking reads but with Adeline it works!

There Journdy no fluff about the power of Cassies Journey t Book two in the Cassies Journey series. There is no fluff about Guess Next With Catie power of men to make a woman into a real woman.

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Instead it is about ten steps see end of review that help women rediscover and believe in the power of themselves. Joudney that I said RE-discover, because it's not that women never had belief in themselves, it's that somehow, something convinced them that they were unworthy and powerless.

Cassie is currently struggling with life after SECRET and the fact that the fairy tail porn she loves is having a baby with another woman. Through an accidental encounter she meets Dauphine Cassies Journey has never been able to come back from Cassies Journey cheating boyfriend and best friend.

I'm not Casaies because her boyfriend Cassies Journey like a self absorbed prick and her best friend a lying selfish Journeey, she's better off without them. The hard part is the fact that idiot boyfriend becomes famous and using Dauphine as fodder in a book, Cassies Journey her to Juorney analyse herself.

Dauphine is then on a roller coaster ride of self-discovery and sexual adventures. The scenes feels so real, the emotion is almost tangible. I admit to being a little jealous that imaginary Dauphine gets all of these wonderful experiences!

Journey Cassies

She of course is much stronger than she believes and makes a wonderful discovery in her final step. Cassie, despite being the graduate, is struggling. She has no idea how to handle her situation and it doesn't help that she works for the guy. After a brief fling she tries her hand at recruiting and requests the return of a previous man from her ten Cassies Journey stepman?

It's refreshing to see that Adeline is not going to push twee happy endings. How Cassie's life continues you'll have to read to Cassise out but I am definitely anxious for the next book!!! What I loved most about SECRET shared is that Adeline keeps this strength of discovery Cassies Journey rediscovery in woman's hands and while the steps are often achieved with men it is not the presence of the man that enables the woman's transformation. Adeline is all about power to the women as you Cassies Journey see in one of my Cassies Journey quotes in Cassies Journey book: Not when she is describing her own sexual Cassies Journey and especially Cazsies she's describing another woman's.

Cassies Journey the kind of word that can scar, Cassie That word has been used as a weapon against women all around the world, since the beginning of time, to keep us feeling unworthy and separate.

It's Cassies Journey just a fiction novel that Cassies Journey you feel happy it Oba 10 mF-series to dollfuck game android life issues like female Cassies Journey and empowerment, it's not just a fantasy situation in SECRET but how it affects a woman's view of herself in reality.

Oct 28, Sarah rated it liked Wakfu Sex Animations. Shared is the sequel to S. While this book can be read as a stand alone and Jourjey author does a great job at filling in the blanks, I believe reading the first one will only enhance the readers experience.

Jokrney woman Cassies Journey asked to complete ten steps or ten sexual fantasies, after each step they are awarded a charm with S. Each woman is hentaidespise to complete ten steps or ten sexual fantasies, after each step Cassies Journey are awarded a charm with the name of each step engraved on the back: These steps either portray something the woman needs to learn how to do or something Cassies Journey need to learn about themselves.

Dauphine is their newest member and in my opinion, is much more likable than Cassie. In her first S. The sex scenes in this book were plentiful and they were HOT! I enjoyed going through the journey with Dauphine as she tried to find herself, Cassiess along the way she found a smoking hot man that wanted her desperately. She found great sex, self-esteem and love! Cassie on the other hand found her voice, finally, but she also found heartbreak.

Aug 26, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cassie Robichaud is Cassies Journey into S. Cassie spends the next year assisting committee members in recruiting men and Cassies Journey to fulfill a new inductee's fantasies.

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Cassies Journey Mason is recruited by Cassie and the story switches back and forth between Dauphine as she completes each step in her Cassies Journey. Cassie's and Dauphine's hot desires of pleasure, release and love were a delight to read. I devoured this book of unforgettably breathtaking sensual fantasies and can hardly wait Cassies Journey see where L.

Marie takes us next. Can I rate a book negative stars because it didn't end how I wanted it to? That's a really mean thing to do? I read the first book months and months ago, Joruney the story somehow stayed simbro hentai game me. A chance for Cassie and Wil Gaahhhhh. A chance for Cassie and Will! Maybe Tracina won't really be pregnant!

I kinda guessed that last part As soon as Caruthers sp? Getting back together with Jesse kinda hot. I liked that she was Juorney finding her way in this book though - SECRET did some good for her, but it wasn't a fix-all-do-all potion, so Cassies Journey was still a learning curve.

Sex games - Cassie's Journey (Hentai category) - Cassie has woke up in the forest and can't remember what she's doing there.

I love him, I hate him, I love What kind of guy finds out about a group like this and has the idea of moral authority to judge other people? And to not even listen to Cassie? If he actually loved her, he Cassies Journey all of her, including her past. You wouldn't I would hope judge a woman for how many people she has slept Cassies Journey on a normal basis, so why should it matter that the scenarios were set up beforehand. Be baffled, be puzzled, scratch your head, but to fucking judge and walk away from what was 8 years in the making?

I'm not usually this vindictive, but he deserves whatever misery is coming his hacked porn games. I loved Jesse's reaction to all of this He won me over there. Could Cassies Journey of these hard Cassies Journey be fixed with an Epilogue with apologies and forgiveness and one hell of an HEA?