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Dec 19, - Towards the end of my hour with Yvette Cooper, an hour in which she talks about the I ask Cooper about sexual harassment in Westminster.

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Even so, there must be something about politics in particular that appeals, given that she could doubtless do just as much good if she was, say, running an NHS Trust. But in the end, you're just trying to persuade politicians.

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So she really doesn't relish the whiff of power? All she will concede is that the House of Commons is a crucial arena for the opposition, for only there can it put the government under "serious pressure".

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We meet in Cooper's impersonal Whitehall office — she doesn't keep family photographs at work on the grounds that they only increase her guilt when she has to work late — a few weeks before yesterday's "special conference" at which delegates debated Ed Miliband's reforms to the relationship striping sex games his party and the unions. Cooper, the daughter of a former trade union official, claims not to be anxious about the effect such a date with yvette answers change will have anseers the party finances.

In person, she is smiley and attentive, gazing at me wide-eyed as I ask my questions — and this is pleasing at first.

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Most male politicians tend to interrupt or look bored. Fairly yvetts, however, it dawns on me that what she's doing while I'm talking has very little to do with listening.

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Rather, she's busy formulating her spooling and distinctly robotic answers, most of which bear very little relationship to whatever it is that I've asked. It's like a comedy sketch. We start by talking about the mood in the Labour party.

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Cooper admits that it is odd knowing, for the legend of krystal time in her political life, exactly when the election will be; it feels different. But perhaps she's worried about Ed Miliband's personal poll snswers, which continue to be poor?

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She shakes her head. Most people would yvethe assumed the party would fall apart and start fighting itself. I would have expected it to have a very hard time.

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Second, to come back in one term is really hard. So what Ed has managed to do in a short period is incredible: What's his greatest ycette

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There's an empathy with people. Probably the other thing is…" A pause.

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I wonder if the Labour party isn't expecting voters to have rather short memories. Please enter a new password below to change your forgotten password. Lost password recovery Please check your mailbox and follow the instructions.

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Let's not talk about school.

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All businesses would thrive under a low flat tax.