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ST. Thomas Secondary School Bandhtoli , HulhunduCo-Education, CBSE pattern
Our Society
ST. Thomas Educational Society
  1. Name of the Society :

    The name of the Society shall be " St. Thomas Educational Society
  2. Location of the Office :

    The registered office of the society shall situated At
    Bandh Toli, Dasmilie Chowk,
    P.O. hulhundu, Dist. Ranchi, jharkhand.
  3. Area of Operation :

    Whole Jharkhand State.
  4. Aims and Objectives :

    The society shall do following works charitably :
  1. To establish , run , take over or manage and maintain schools , which an object to provide sound pre-primary , primary , senior secondary , high school, colleges and higher education to children by seeking recongnition and affiliation from the education departments and concerned govt. authorities.
  2. To establish education institute, management institute, training collegesfor teacher training, medical institute, engineering institute to conduct research in education and other disciplines on the different subject relating to education for tribal and other classes.
  3. To build social harmony , Nationality , equality ,brotherhood and solidarity among different castes, gender , creeds and classes for their upliftment and empowerment through mass awareness to achieve all fundamental rights, right to education (including child & women education and rehabilitation), health-care & capacity building in order to provide equal opportunity of living with independence and dignity to the Indian society . Build socially and economically strong society through training and implementation of natural & human resources management & integrated sustainable development of different section of the society.
  4. To arrange and manage the vocational training institute in typing , shorthand , computer , fine arts , craft , music , paining , modelling , dancing , yoga , physical education and in other professional training subjects / courses.
  5. To open , fund , establish , promote , set up , run maintain , assist , finance , support and /or help the various charitable , educational , industrial , technical/non-technical , industrial , vocational , agricultural & community development programs medicine , hospitals , health camp ,mother's and children health development camp , food , clothing and safety etc.
  6. To promote literacy , culture and other social activities by awareness programs , Adult education classes , lectures , essay competitions , exhibition , symposiums , cultural programs , press confrences and seminars.
  7. To establish , support , finance , manage and developed such out of school activities for the children where they could have the benefits and joy of participating in sports , games and other artistic activities like painting , music , dance wood and day work and also arrange the educational trips.
  8. To institute scholarship and help to deserving students and to institute and aware prizes for their exellence academic performance. To provide free/confessional educational to the hopeless , poor and needy children especially to the handicapped children. To organize seminar , meetings , press-conferences and other lawful gathering from time to time.
  9. To publish books , charts , illustrations , journals , magazines , periodicals , news letters/papers and other publications in the different languages and on the different subjects.
  10. To undertake publications relating to Medical and Technological research and applications. To establish hospitals and research institutes of medical and technological research.
  11. To organize charitable educational institutions for maintain , regulate and encourage educational , cultural activities , sports and open libraries with useful books for the benefits of the people . Also establish technical institutions where free computers courses mobile repairing , typing education will be given and welfare centers for tribalk oppressed and poor to uplift them in the society . Society will establish schools , with an object to provide sound education to the children , especially for SC/ST and others view uplift them in the light of socially educationally and economically.
  • No.
  • Name
  • Address
  • Degignation
  • 1
  • Shashi Bhushan Hembrom
  • Gundu Satranji, Hulhundu, Hatia, Ranchi
  • Presidence
  • 2
  • Hilerius Ekka
  • New Kunjari , Dasmile Chowk , Hulhundu, Ranchi
  • Secretary
  • 3
  • Shoshan Toppo
  • Gohri Tarnd, Kurdeg, simdega, Ranchi
  • Treasurer
  • 4
  • Shamshul Ansari
  • Siladon, Hulhundu, Hatia, Ranchi
  • Member
  • 5
  • Bhushan Lakra
  • Tirilpirdhi, Hulhundu, Hatia, Ranchi
  • Member
  • 6
  • Santosh Ekka
  • Huringdag, Dahusodag, Hatia, Ranchi
  • Member
  • 7
  • Durga Sangaa
  • Baandh Toli, Hulhundu, Hatia, Ranchi
  • Member
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